Creating a Safe and Healthy Home for Women and Children

To launch The Wills Group’s Safe and Healthy Homes Committee, a group of over 30 employees from across the company spent the day renovating Martha’s House, a transitional home for women and children. Martha’s Place is run by LifeStyles, a nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance and health and human services to individuals within Charles County. This effort included repaving the barely usable driveway, repainting the home’s interior, replacing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, adding a storm door and safety railings, landscaping the entire property, as well as making numerous other improvements.

With the commitment to creating safe and healthy homes throughout Maryland and beyond, The Wills Group’s Safe and Healthy Home Committee first came into contact with LifeStyles because the organization helps 14,000 people annually. When the Safe and Healthy Homes Committee heard that Martha’s Place’s water well had unexpectedly broke, and residents were no longer able to live in the home, the committee was committed to resolving the housing emergency for LifeStyles’ women and children. The Wills Group provided approximately $25,000 to repair the water well to Martha’s House so the house could have running water once again, and in the interim provide relocation assistance to the impacted women and children of the home.

For more details of the day, check out the Maryland Independent Article (posted with permission of The Maryland Independent)