We know that our employees are key to our success, and we want to be a part of their individual success as well in and outside of work. Part of reaching that collective success is making sure that everyone who works with us feels valued and cared for.

As Senior Benefits Manager at the Wills Group, this is a big focus for Eric Pullet. Working across the Talent, People, & Operations team to create and grow a benefits package that is comprehensive and competitive.

“We care about the whole person. That really was the foundation when we were looking at growing our benefits and rewards package. It was also important to us that part-time employees be cared for as well, and in cause feel valued. Across our family of companies, Dash In convenience stores and Splash In ECO Car Wash, we employ a lot of part-time workers  but we don’t even like to call them part-time; they’re very much core to our team. So they too need to have access to our benefits and rewards package.

We talked to our employees a lot, and we asked them “what do you want, what do you need?” We looked across all of the different life experiences and situations of our teams and asked ourselves the same questions. I’m proud of where we landed.

Our benefits and rewards package, known internally as b.well, truly is a wellness model. Key touch points include:

  • GED reimbursement
  • Maternity and paternity leave for families, including those who adopt
  • Pet insurance
  • Psychiatric benefits
  • 401K packages

It really does impress me how far we’ve come, and I’m excited for where we’ll go. For example, in December of 2021, all of our employees who had worked at least 1,000 hours that year received a $10,000 contribution to their 401K. The Wills Group isn’t just talking the talk, they really are walking the walk.

I can see the work that I’m doing and how it’s benefiting other people. I’m not just sitting behind a desk, I’m making real change within the organization. And that makes me feel valued.”

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