The Wills Group has unveiled its first standalone tunnel Splash In ECO Car Wash in La Plata, Maryland, marking a pivotal step in our expansion strategy. This facility embodies our commitment to innovation and quality service, and offers a glimpse into the future of sustainable car washing in the Mid-Atlantic.

Convenience Meets Sustainability

The car wash industry is evolving, influenced by technological advancements and heightened environmental consciousness. Today’s consumers seek efficient car cleaning that’s also eco-conscious. Traditional car wash methods, often seen as chemically-laden and water-intensive, are being reevaluated in favor of sustainable practices.

With over 50 Splash In ECO Car Wash locations across the Mid-Atlantic, our “Go Green, Always Clean” initiative underscores our commitment to eco-friendliness, water conservation, and affordability. By integrating advanced water recycling systems and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we’re not just meeting industry standards but setting them.

The Vision Behind the Tunnel System

After the success of our tunnel car wash in Clinton, MD, our decision to establish a standalone tunnel in La Plata was the culmination of lessons learned, market research, and our vision for the future. As Mike Mulhern, Director of Operations at Splash In, explains, “Refining our operational efficiencies and selecting the right vendors were all part of the process. The success in Clinton proves our growing proficiency in the car wash sector.” 

The tunnel car wash system aligns with consumer preferences for convenient, high-quality car washes and our commitment to sustainability. As our inaugural tunnel-only property, the La Plata site signals a move towards rapid, eco-friendly car washing. Benefits of this system include:

  • Efficiency: The 95-ft tunnel is designed to handle more cars in a shorter time frame, meeting the rising demand for speedy yet thorough car wash services.
  • Eco-Friendly: By design, tunnel systems minimize water waste, aligning with Splash In’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Quality: A consistent, top-notch wash ensures customer satisfaction.

The facility also boasts two 40HP central vacuum turbines with Variable Frequency Drive for 17 vacuum stalls with compressed air, uses industry-leading detergents, and reclaims 60% of the wash water, reinforcing our pledge to environmental responsibility. Customers at La Plata can expect the same caliber of service as at our Clinton branch, with friendly and knowledgeable staff available to ensure a smooth process.

Express Tunnel Memberships

Building on the success of our unlimited Express Tunnel Wash Memberships introduced in Clinton, La Plata will offer similar benefits. Members can currently use their memberships at six locations, washing their vehicles daily for the cost of two washes. 

The Express Tunnel Wash Memberships are designed for customers on-the-go and offer a touch-free and seamless experience. Members benefit from online account management, complimentary vacuums, and multi-car discounts. 

Mike anticipates future integration of these memberships with the Dash In loyalty app, further streamlining the purchase and redemption process for customers. 

Looking Ahead

For Mike Mulhern, the La Plata site is more than just a brand expansion; it’s a beacon of innovation. Reflecting on the company’s evolution from a fuels dominant entity to a multifaceted organization, he touches on the personal side of car washing. “People wash their cars to make themselves feel better. They come to us to be happy, and our job is to enhance their experience.”

With 54 operational Splash In locations and a burgeoning member base, the Wills Group is poised for significant growth with a target of 120 car washes, including 20-25 tunnels. By blending convenience with sustainability, we’re in position to drive the car wash industry forward.

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