Tim Edwards, Franchise & Dealer Development Manager

Tim Edwards

After graduating in 2006 with a degree in Theology and Broadcast Journalism, Tim Edwards started his career in restaurant management and radio ad sales. Tim first heard about The Wills Group through a sales job at CBS Radio that allowed him to work with The Wills Group and which later became his largest sales account. After spending two years working with and getting to know the Wills Group team through this role, Tim found that The Wills Group’s “focus on relationships and selling style” to be “really refreshing.” He also found the Company’s Philosophy & Values were “the biggest differentiator.”

The Wills Group’s shared sense of values and work ethic have motivated Tim to find his niche as a Franchise Manager for Dash In. “I think ultimately this is a company of really good people who are a lot more passionate about finding other good people and putting in the effort, than finding roles that fit their skills. The company gives you the freedom and opportunity to create your own role in a much more meaningful way than other companies.” Tim relates this freedom with his own experience with The Wills Group: “you come in here and you’re given a garden plot and it’s up to you to cultivate that garden in such a way that it contributes to the strategic growth of the company.”

Tim has been motivated by the Company’s longevity and leadership as a company, as well as by their investment in employees. “The company invests itself in each and every employee and that goes beyond just financial rewards. It’s about more freedom and deeper relationships, and because of this investment, we all work really hard, but we are also always surrounded by A players.” As a result of this investment, Tim has stepped up to the plate by participating in the Emerging Leaders Program and is also Co-Chair for the Community Engagement Committee for Safe & Healthy Homes.

The Wills Group’s long-term investment in its employees has been an important factor in supporting Tim’s success, both inside and outside of the office. “The company shows that longer-term mentality in a bunch ways, from the tuition reimbursement to how they treat sales people by paying for expenses. You really feel like we have each others’ backs. The way the business is aligned, we are all incentivized by the long term growth of the company.” With five children at home and working full time while pursuing an MBA degree, Tim says that The Wills Group “gives me the freedom to find my work-life balance and the flexibility to grow, exercise my passion and skills, and keep bringing value to the company.”